Toddler room

Our Toddler Room offers a more stimulating and structured environment with more defined areas for the children to play in, such as sand and water, construction, home corner and story corner. Toddlers are naturally curious and inquisitive and our Toddler room provides opportunities for children to learn and develop in all areas of the curriculum. Practitioners recognise that around the age of 2, children become more independent and therefore are supported to overcome new challenges such as potty training and aspects of self care. On a typical day in nursery, you can hear our Toddlers singing, watch them dancing or painting, see them explore the outdoors and lots more!

Children move from the Baby Room to the Toddler Room around the age of 2. The transition process is gradual, and children and parents have opportunities to be introduced to the room and new staff. In our Toddler room there is a strong focus on developing language and communication skills, as well as social and physical aspects.We encourage a little more independence so as well as a nappy change area, the children also have access to child size toilets and low level sinks if they are toilet training. We recognise our Toddler are still very young and their active minds need to rest and so there is always a quiet relaxation area within the room for them to sleep or have a little rest if they wish.