How We Grow

At The Bungalow, all children’s learning is through play based activities from exploring the weather by jumping in muddy puddles to designing the tallest tower in our construction area. Whilst your child is with us they will enjoy getting messy with different sensory experiences – dough, gloop, water play, sand, glue, baking and painting. We provide lots of real resources for children to explore and play with and our little ones often bring exciting and intriguing items in from their weekend adventures to talk about at circle times. Our children participate regularly in yoga, dance and PE sessions, we feel it’s important to ensure they are active on a daily basis.

We are particularly passionate about the children enjoying the outdoors and are lucky enough to have a lovely play area and garden where they can grow fruit and vegetables, get messy in our mud kitchen or bring out the bikes and prepare for the Tour de France! As well as physical and messy activities our children love to sing, build train tracks, cook up a storm in our home corner or simply just share a story in our book corner. We realise that playing can be tiring and therefore in every room there is a quiet area for children to either read or just relax.

Our objective is to provide a setting in which children can develop their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and creative skills. We encourage children to develop meaningful relationships with staff and peers and we aim to provide an environment where children feel comfortable, safe and happy to attend. The nursery is based around a timetable of events and routines which children can enjoy and can quickly become familiar with.