At The Bungalow, we are passionate about children experiencing the outdoors. We have several outside areas within the nursery grounds which means that your child will have access to a range of activities which promote learning and development. We strongly believe that children should be able to play outside every day and we offer areas for each age group.

Under 2’s garden – this area is specifically for our youngest children who can explore, climb and play with a range of activities every day in a safe, enclosed garden. We supply wet suits for children when the weather is damp, but ask that you supply us with a pair of wellies so that children can enjoy the outside all year long.

2-4’s garden – Our older children have access to their own large garden area which they use daily. This is a safe area with a large sandpit and play house with lots of open space to run, skip, jump and cycle.

The children grow plants, have a fairy garden and natural investigation areas where they can find mini beasts and dig for worms. The children are able to access lots of different PE equipment such as balls, hoops, parachutes and bikes, there is always something to explore.